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Construction and building matters involve detailed analysis, from the drafting of the initial construction contract and invitations to bid, to the conclusion and final approval of a project’s build.  Business interests in Saudi Arabia involved in construction matters bring with them their own past knowledge and experience in a variety of established contractual forms.
Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC is able to work with clients involved in construction and building projects in Saudi Arabia, bringing not only a knowledge of these globally-recognized principal contract forms in the negotiation of a final contract but to work with clients to create individualized construction contract forms and project -specific construction agreements.

Once a construction project breaks ground, other issues from design in architecture or engineering to implementation of design through financing or actual construction often arise.  Sometimes these issues are resolved quickly.  In other situations, controversies arise dealing with things like procurement, interim financing, subcontractor agreements, licensing, supply delays, management and employee concerns, or construction delays threaten the efficiency of the construction project or impend the completion of the project itself.  

Here, Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC advises its clients on all aspects of construction projects from start to finish, helping investors, lenders, suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, joint venturers, corporations, and sovereigns in swiftly overcoming the obstacles that can arise during the course of construction in Saudi Arabia.  From infrastructure to energy, small projects to large-scale multinational concerns, Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC brings legal expertise and business acumen to help construction clients from all over the world achieve success.

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