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In 2012, arbitration in Saudi Arabia saw great change when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially enacted the New Arbitration Law with a royal decree issued on April 16, 2012.  Patterned after the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law’s Model Arbitration Law, as amended in 2006, the Saudi New Arbitration Law has met with international approval and growing interest.

For example, Saudi courts are no longer involved in arbitrations; under the prior law, Saudi Arabian courts had to approve the arbitration result.  Now, arbitration awards are finalized between the arbitrator and the participants without judicial oversight.

Nevertheless, of particular importance to foreign parties, the New Arbitration Law does not adopt the United Nation’s Model Law verbatim, but has kept the foundation of its prior law intact in this revision: the New Arbitration Law makes it clear in numerous provisions that Saudi arbitrations are not to violate Shari'a law.  
Therefore, international interests who wish to take advantage of the streamlined New Arbitration Law of Saudi Arabia for any international commercial arbitration must comprehend and respect this fundamental tenet of the new legislation.  Having Saudi legal representation that is adept both at the legalities of the arbitration process as well as the requirements of Islamic Shari’a standards is vital.

ALSABHAN & ALAJAJI offers its clients, local, regional, and international, with the ability to choose arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution method with ALSABHAN & ALAJAJI having expertise in a number of industries and industry disputes.

Moreover, Ibrahim Alajaji brings a particular expertise to the area of international arbitration as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Committee.  The firm is prepared to represent clients involved in a variety of arbitration forums, including:
  • GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre (GCAC)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Dubai International Arbitrationl Centre (DIAC)
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